Booster Dose Vaccine Registration: Booster Shot Online Application, 3rd Dose Slot Booking

Booster Vaccine Registration: Beginning January 10, India has started delivering the third dosage of the Covid vaccine to priority population categories. The booster Vaccine campaign will be expanded on Monday to allow healthcare personnel, frontline workers, and individuals over 60 to receive a third dose i.e Booster vaccine Registration of the coronavirus vaccine.

According to Health Ministry authorities, only people who have completed nine months since the second vaccination dosage will be permitted to book spaces for booster dose vaccine on the portal. Similarly, only individuals with the required gap since the complete COVID immunization will be authorized to get the prophylactic dosage on-site.

The decision to deliver the third dosage was made in light of the current global increase in Covid-19 cases. Cases are multiplying in India, and Omicron, the type of concern discovered on November 24, is being blamed.

Service charge for booster dose at private vaccination centres capped at ₹150

Those who have previously had Covishield will receive it again, and those who have once gotten two doses of Covaxin will receive simply Covaxin as a booster dose. According to the government, over six crore individuals would be eligible for the preventive dosages being delivered in response to the threat posed by the Omicron version of the SARS-CoV virus.

Booster Vaccine Registration: Booster Shot Online Application Overview

Vaccine NameCovid Vaccine Booster Dose 
Started byMinistry of Health & Family welfare
Covid Vaccine 3rd Dose Registration Start Date10-Jan-22
Registration throughCowin App or Portal
Eligibility for CitizensFrontline Workers and Senior Citizens
Eligibility TimeIt must have 39 weeks or 9 months passed after the second dose of vaccination
Mode of Booster Dose RegistrationCowin App or
Cowin App Available onGoogle Play Store and App Store
Booster Dose Registration
Article CategoryHealth
Booster Vaccine Registration: Booster Shot Online Application, 3rd Dose Slot Booking

How Important Is Precaution Dose?

People who have been vaccinated are also becoming sick because Omicron has features that bypass the body’s immune layer. Scientists have discovered that people’s immunity is fading, whether from previous illness or vaccination. It takes around three weeks for a booster dosage to produce enough antibodies, and booster vaccinations should begin in two to three days. Considering the overall population, we should start as soon as feasible.

Many families, friends, and loved ones were lost during the second wave. Citizens who receive a booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccination will produce more antibodies to combat the virus and be safer than others. If you or any of your family members are eligible for the booster dosage, do not delay in taking the preventative dose of the COVID-19 vaccine; instead, register for a slot or stroll into a vaccination centre near you.

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Covid precaution dose: Eligibility, Cost, and everything you need to know

The third dosage is available to frontline employees and older individuals with co-morbidities. Although a doctor’s certificate is not necessary when administering the precautionary dosage, visiting a doctor before receiving the precautionary dose is recommended. There must be a 9-month interval between the second and third doses. So, if you received your double dosage by the first week of April 2021, you are the only one qualified for the precautionary dose today. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until 39 weeks have passed since your second dosage.

If you have Covishield, your third dosage will be Covishield as well. Covaxin is the same way. The government has made it illegal to mix and match vaccinations. There is no need to re-register on Co-Win, and appointments can be readily arranged through the website. Otherwise, walk-ins are welcome. Some of the recognized papers by the health ministry include voter ID, Aadhaar, passport, and driving license, which you may produce to obtain your immunization. Priority groups will receive free booster shots in government hospitals.

Steps to Register Covid-19 Vaccine 3rd Booster Dose at

People who want to get vaccinated can register for the Covid Vaccine 3rd Booster Dose by following the instructions below. These tasks are efficiently completed via your Cowin App or website.

  • To register for a Booster Dose of Vaccine, go to the Cowin official website,
  • After entering the official portal, you will see a “Register / Sign In” option; click on it.
  • After selecting the option above, you will be routed to another page where you will be requested to enter your old registered mobile number, enter the mobile number, and select the GET OTP option.
  • After selecting the earlier option, you will be sent to another webpage.
  • After that, you will receive a six-digit OTP; you will discover a text box; enter the OTP into that text box and select the Verify & Proceed option.
  • After clicking on the option again, you will be sent to the Cowin portal’s dashboard, where you will see a “Precaution Dosage” option; touch on this option to schedule your booster dose.
  • After you schedule the booster dosage, you will be given a time, date, and vaccination center address where you must go on the due day to be vaccinated.

Booster Vaccine Registration FAQ

When will the registration for Covid Booster Dose begin?

Covid Vaccine Booster Dose Registration will begin on January, 2023, and you may reserve your spot using the Cowin App or

What is the maximum age for the Covid Vaccine Booster Dose?

Only people over the age of 60 and frontline employees are eligible to enroll for the Covid 19 Booster Dose.

How to Book a Covid Vaccine 3rd Dose Slot Online?

Those who want to get vaccinated with a booster dose must go to the site and book a Covid-19 Vaccine 3rd Dose Slot.

Official websiteClick here

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