Pokémon Scarlet & Indigo disk all starter Pokémon’s and Legendary Pokémon locations

Pokémon fans will be thrilled to know that all five original starter Pokémon will return as trainers for you to catch in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Part 2: The Indigo Disk when it releases on December 14.

Trainers hoping to unlock past starter Pokemon must first advance through The Indigo Disk’s main story and reach Blueberry Academy, where Carmine and Drayden will direct them towards the League Club Room, where there will be a PC asking them to donate BPs for donation towards Terrarium Club; doing this will increase biodiversity levels in each region such as Coastal, Canyon, Polar, or Savanna in turn triggering starter spawns there.

After all of their BP has been donated, trainers can head out into various regions where starters appear and hunt them. Beating each trainer will earn them Ability Patches that can be used to add any of the starter Pokemon’s evolved forms to their team. Due to random spawn times among starters, it is wise to constantly explore regions until you discover all.

How to Start The Indigo Disk DLC

Follow the checklist given below to start the Indigo Disk DLC

Purchase the DLC

The Indigo Disk, the second downloadable content expansion, was published on December 14, 2023. Be careful to buy just the downloadable content (DLC) for $34.99 if you already have Pokemon Scarlet or Violet. Several Pokemon not seen in Paldea and Kitakami may be found in the magnificent Terarium, which you can explore at the Blueberry Academy, thanks to The Indigo Disk, part of The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero.

Update the Game

To update your game with the paid DLC, just hover over the game on the Switch Home Screen, press + to access settings, and then choose Software Update. To get the DLC, the game must be updated to Version 3.0.0.

Finish the Base Game and The Teal Mask

You can begin The Indigo Disk downloadable content before finishing the main game or The Teal Mask downloadable content. However, the game will cease your progress once you begin a class in the Terrarium.

So, it becomes necessary to complete both the base game’s story and The Teal Mask since this second part of the DLC serves as the ultimate end of the rest of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

This implies that you must complete Victory Road, Starfall Street, Path of Legends, The Way Home, and all of The Teal Mask’s stories before entering Blueberry Academy along with the Terrarium.

Talk to Cyrano at the Academy

Meeting with Cyrano, director of Blueberry Academy, and receiving a phone call from Director Clavell are triggered by finishing the Teal Mask downloadable content. Start the Indigo Disk DLC by watching the cutscene and talking to Cyrano.

All Starter Pokémon Locations

Upon arrival to the new region for the DLC, you will not see the list of starter Pokémon. You may explore and improve in each of the four distinct biomes in the Blueberry Terrarium. Blueberry Points, or BP for short, are a new currency you may earn by completing Blueberry Quests (BBQs). They are introduced with this downloadable content.

Starter Pokémon found in the Savanna Biome

The Savanna Biome is home to the following Pokémon, which can be found roaming the grasslands and muddy biome.

  • Charmander
  • Snivy
  • Totodile
  • Sobble
  • Rowlet
  • Fennekin

Starter Pokémon found in the Coastal Biome

Coastal Biomes are known for their warm, windy beaches, and the following Pokémon may be seen relaxing there.

  • Chikorita
  • Grookey
  • Mudkip
  • Froakie
  • Bulbasaur
  • Popplio

Starter Pokémon found in the Canyon Biome

In the Canyon Biome, you can encounter the following Pokémon lounging on steep cliffs and in dark caverns.

  • Squirtle
  • Chespin
  • Turtwig
  • Litten
  • Treecko
  • Tepig

Starter Pokémon found in the Polar Biome

Pokémon call the Polar Biome their home, either along the shore or on snow-capped mountains.

  • Piplup
  • Torchic
  • Chimchar
  • Scorbunny
  • Oshawott
  • Cyndaquil

The Indigo Disk All Legendary Pokemon Locations

From newcomers to long-time favorites, the Indigo Disk is home to many legendary Pokemon.

Legendary Pokemon Terapagos

Terapagos is a must-see character that may be encountered throughout the main storyline.

Legendary Pokemon Gouging Fire

Area Zero in The Paldea Region is where you can encounter Goughing Fire; before that, you have to finish the Perin quest. To finish the Perin quest, you must add 200 BlueBerry PokeDex entries to your collection.

Legendary Pokemon Iron Boulder

You can discover Iron Boulder in Area Zero. Since this Pokemon is exclusive to Violet, you must trade with a friend or utilize one of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trade Codes.

Legendary Pokemon Raging Bolt

You can encounter Raging Bolt in Area Zero, but you have to finish the Perin quest before that.

Since this Pokemon is exclusive to Violet, you must trade with a friend or utilize one of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trade Codes.

Legendary Pokemon Iron Crown

You can encounter Iron Crown in Area Zero, but you have to finish the Perin quest before that.

Since this Pokemon is exclusive to Violet, you must trade with a friend or utilize one of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Trade Codes.

Legendary Mythical Pokemon Pecharunt

The mythical Pokemon Pecharunt, which has been included in the game files and will be released at a future date, will be linked to an unannounced event.

Legendary Pokemon Lugia

Off the coast of the upper right corner of the map, you may see Lugia swimming in the water. Once you’ve landed in the North Province Area One Watch Tower, take off for the ocean just north of it. Lugia is seen among the group of islands to the left of your current location.

Legendary Pokemon Suicune

In the center of Casseroya Lake, on a little island, you’ll find Suicune.

Legendary Pokemon Kyogre

Located northwest of Cassroya Lake, Kyogre is in the upper left corner of the map. On the ocean floor, he is wedged between two little rocks.

Legendary Pokemon Raikou

In the West Prince Central zone, Raikou sits on a hill. Reach the quick travel point via air, and then head to the top region to locate Raikou.

Legendary Pokemon Entei

Located in the sandy area north of the Levincia Lighthouse, Entei may be found in the extreme east of the map.

Legendary Pokemon Zapdos

Adjacent to the Poco Path Lighthouse is where you’ll find Zapdos.

Legendary Pokemon Lunala

Lunala is located on a cliff north of Porto Marinada in the extreme west of the map.

Legendary Pokemon Articuno

West of the Montenevera fast travel point, in the Glaseado Mountain range, you can discover Articuno.

Legendary Pokemon Groudon

Located northwest of Cassroya Lake, Kyogre is in the upper left corner of the map. On the ocean floor, he is wedged between two little rocks.

Legendary Pokemon Ho-oh

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players can locate Ho-oh on the Indigo Disk in the game’s southwestern corner. Go to Alfornada and turn right to reach Ho-oh. On the edge of a cliff is where you may locate Ho-oh.

Legendary Pokemon Solgaleo

The Pokemon League is where you may find Solgaleo. Simply fly to the Pokemon League quick travel point and battle the Pokemon in the building’s rear.

Legendary Pokemon Spectrier

Spectrier can be discovered amid the ruins south of the Dalizapa Passage.

Legendary Pokemon Latios

Latias may be found on the map near the North Province. The Hoen legendary can be found south of Fury Falls, which you can reach by flying there.

Legendary Pokemon Glastrier

Glastrier is located in the Glaseado Mountain range to the south. You may find the Pokemon by flying to the mountain’s fast travel point and then traveling south.

Legendary Pokemon Kyurem

Kyurem may be found in the Dalizapa Passage, located south of the snowy mountain range. Fly to the Dalizapa Passage quick travel point, then enter the passage to discover the Pokemon.

Legendary Pokemon Latias

Just down the shore at the beginning of the game, close to Ho-oh, you’ll find Latias.

Legendary Pokemon Cobalion

Cobalion can be located near Fury Falls, slightly north of Latios.

Legendary Pokemon Terrakion

Terrakion is located on the right of the Dark Crew’s base, close to Solgaleo.

Legendary Pokemon Moltres

Atop a rocky outcrop in the Asado Desert sits Moltres. You can get to the Asado Desert Watchtower by taking a flight north.

Legendary Pokemon Kubfu

The legendary Pokemon Kubfu can be found in North Province (Area Two). Kubfu will be standing beside a waterfall in the region with the bamboo shoots, near where you discovered Cobalion.

Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza

Located in the South Province region, Rayquaza is perched on a mountaintop.

Legendary Pokemon Zekrom

Zekrom is located on top of a mountain in the map’s southeast corner, directly behind Artazon.

Legendary Pokemon Verizion

It is west of Latios and Cobalion that you will find Verizion.

Legendary Pokemon Reshiram

Reshiram can be seen along the stream that runs south of Zapapico.

Legendary Mythical Pokemon Meloetta

Locate the Coastal Outdoor Classroom and the grassy area close to the Torchlit Labyrinth. Upon arrival, locate the exact spot on the highlighted map; you will observe a grassy whirlwind around the vicinity.

You have to stay in one spot for more than 20 seconds after you’ve reached the center of the leaf circle. Pressing down on the d-pad will open your camera once you’ve done this. After you’ve finished this, switch to the Sepia filter in your camera. The tunes will eventually shift. After you’ve done this right, Meloetta will start singing and arrive nearby.


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