Dawood Dead or Alive: Rumors Amid Pakistan Internet Shutdown

Reports that Dawood had been poisoned have sent shockwaves through Pakistan and caused widespread internet shutdown, leading to much chaos and confusion.

Arzoo Kazmi provided a video statement that confirmed the gangster’s critical condition at a hospital and suggested there may be an attempt at coverup during Imran Khan’s virtual rally, suggesting they might have attempted to cover up some major event.

Who is Dawood Ibrahim?

Dawood Ibrahim, mastermind of the 1993 Mumbai bombings, remains an inspiration to filmmakers and journalists in Bollywood. As an underworld don whose influence extends from Bollywood films to politics and legitimate businesses, Dawood symbolizes uncontrolled power that has defied authorities for years.

Dawood remains one of India’s most-wanted gangsters and an individual suspected in multiple explosions that left more than 250 people dead; additionally, he controlled drug and human trafficker rackets and yet managed to avoid arrest several times over time by fleeing to Dubai and Pakistan. He was also a mastermind in counterfeiting Indian currency until demonetization in 2016.

Dawood Dead or Alive: Rumors Amid Pakistan Internet Shutdown
Dawood Dead or Alive: Rumors Amid Pakistan Internet Shutdown

Dawood was poisoned

Dawood Ibrahim is currently hospitalized in Karachi following his exposure to something that caused serious harm; speculation suggests unknown parties poisoned him.

Rumor has it that Dawood has been taken to a top hospital in Karachi and secured with heavy security measures, with only his immediate family or physicians allowed access. His health appears critical.

Rumors circulating social media about an underworld don being poisoned have caused widespread discussion. Here are a few reasons that this report might be completely false:

  • First and foremost, it can be tricky for outsiders to communicate directly with an underworld don. They tend to keep close guarding them as part of their security detail – never leaving home without security guarding or bodyguard escorting them.
  • How are unknown individuals capable of poisoning Dawood, the underworld don? It is essential to remember that Dawood has many enemies, and it would be tough for anyone to have direct access to him. While his aides may have taken money from various unknown people, Dawood would likely not allow them to come into close contact with him directly.
  • Rumors also claimed that Dawood was old and suffering from serious health problems. However, this was untrue as the media outlets speculated upon this information and could not be trusted entirely.
  • On the other hand, however, some sources from within Pakistan have disproved these allegations and indicated that Dawood remains alive. They blamed India’s government for spreading false reports to cause chaos among his associates and allies.

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Dawood is dead Rumors?

Rumors of Dawood’s poisoning coincided with a nationwide internet shutdown in Pakistan, leading many social media users to speculate that the government deliberately shut down internet connectivity to hide the news of his death by poisoning. Pakistani journalist Arzoo Kazmi tweeted that an “illegitimate fascist regime deliberately reduced internet speed & disrupted social media platforms across Pakistan prior to PTI’s first ever Virtual Jalsa.”

Kazmi also shared screenshots from Downdetector that displayed outages across YouTube, Google, and X (formerly Twitter). However, we checked their Twitter account and noticed that their username does not correspond with the one shown. One particular Twitter handle known as anwaar_kakkar has been spreading these rumors; this account does not belong to Pakistan PM and should not be trusted.

Rumors were eventually disproven: neither the Pakistan Teachers’ Association (PTA) nor Kazmi issued any statement concerning the incident and were tweeting from personal accounts, while OpIndia checked and found out that Mr. Kakar’s Twitter handle hadn’t been updated since December 16 – as well as showing an extra ‘k’ in his username depicted in the viral post.

Internet Shutdown in Pakistan

Pakistani authorities have an unfortunate track record of using social media to spread disinformation, as evidenced by this case. Reports that Dawood death could have caused widespread panic in Pakistan; internet services were cut off in Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi as people believed this might be used to prevent information regarding his condition from reaching the public. According to internet tracking agency Netblocks, social media users began complaining on Twitter about this disruption to services such as Google, YouTube, and X.

Dawood Dead or Alive: Conclusion

Although official confirmation is still pending, recent sources indicate that Dawood Ibrahim, India’s most wanted terrorist, died while receiving medical treatment in a hospital in Karachi. Reports indicate that he died in the hospital between 8:00 and 9:00 PM (IST).


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