Covid Vaccine Certificate Correction Edit,Modify, Add Passport Details 2022

Covid Vaccine Certificate Correction Edit Details Add Passport Details:Covid-19 vaccine Provides a Full proof protection against the deadly coronavirus and its variants.In India Over 100 Crore people are vaccinated till date according to government data.But sometimes there may some errors arise due to man-made or computer generated error.Since Covid Vaccination Certificate is required everywhere so any kind of error in may cause lot of Problems.

So in this article we will provide you complete and Step by Step full Procedure to Edit,Modify and Correct Errors in Vaccine Certificate.Some people have done registration for the vaccine using Aadhar Card or any other Digital ID card.but According to international Covid-19 protocol One must have Passport added or linked with his/her Passport.

Covid Vaccine Certificate Correction

Covid Vaccine Certificate is a important document nowadays for Travelling from place to Another and hence it should be correct with all the Proper Details of the Individual.Sometimes there may be some errors in the Covid Vaccine Certificate or some details are Wrongly typed.

In order to Correct those details Government of India has Provided the Covid Vaccine Certificate Correction link for Modification and Edit Personal details.While Booking Covid vaccine Slot one must check all the personal details are correctly filled before final Submission.Even if you have Entered wrong details during the Registration there is still a chance to Correct it.The full procedure is Explained Below in the Article.

Covid Vaccine Certificate Overview

PortalCowin Portal
ArticleVaccine Certificate Correction
Other BenefitsLink Passport to Vaccine Certificate
MinistryMinistry of Health and Family Welfare
Editable Details Name,DOB,Gender and Age
Accepted in113 Countries worldwide
Article CategoryHealth
Covid Vaccine Certificate Correction Edit,Modify, Add Passport Details

How to do Correction in Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate?

To do the Modification and edit details one can follow full Procedure Given below::

Step 1:Visit the Official Cowin Portal

Step 2:Enter Your Registered Mobile Number and Click on Send OTP.

Step 3:Enter the OTP Received and Click Proceed.

Step 4:Now Click on “Raise an Issue” button & Select your name..

Step 5:Select the Option of “Certificate Correction”.

Step 6:Now Click on “What is the Issue?” button.

Step 7:Now you can Change only 2 details out of Name,DOB,Gender and Photo ID.

Step 8:Now After Doing the Correction check for any other error carefully.

Step 9:Click on “Submit” Button.

Step 10:Now your Certificate has been Successfully Modified.

Note:Changes on Vaccine Certificate can be Done Only Once.So fill all details carefully.

According to Central Government of India all the students travelling outside of country for Job,Education and Travelling Purposes should have passport linked with Vaccination certificate. In order to link passport with vaccine certificate follow the Below Steps:

  1. Visit the Official Website
  2. Enter your “Registered Mobile Number” and Proceed.
  3. Enter the OTP Received on your Mobile number.
  4. Click on your Name and Select it.
  5. Now add your Passport Details in the vaccination certificate.
  6. Click on “Submit” Button.

FAQ Related to vaccine Certificate Correction And Passport Linking:

What if I Done registeration with any other ID instead of Passport can I still add my Passport Details?

Yes,It’s Completely fine there is a Option to Link Passport with your Covid Vaccine Certificate.

Is it mandatory to link passport with vaccine Certificate to Travel Abroad?

Yes,According to a order Issued on 16 December 2021,the central Government has. made it mandatory.

Name on Passport and Vaccine certificate are Different Is that a Problem?

Yes,the Name on the Certificate and Passport should be same,You may edit Certificate details using Above Procedure.

What details can I Edit in my vaccine certificate?

You can Edit only 2 things from Name,Date of birth,Age and Gender.

Official WebsiteClick here
BMCRI HomepageClick here

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