Karnataka Assembly Elections 2023 Live Counting Result, All seats winner Candidates List

Karnataka Assembly Elections Result 2023:- On Wednesday night, polling closed in the Karnataka assembly elections of 2023. There has been conflicting information from exit polling organisations, with some predicting a hung Assembly and others showing a tiny edge for the Congress, with HD Kumaraswamy’s Janata Dal (Secular) playing a significant role. On Saturday, May 13, the results will be declared for the three-way race between the incumbent BJP, the Congress, and the JD(S) of former Chief minister HD Deve Gowda.

As the southern state has yet to re-elect a party to power since 1985, the BJP hopes to make history by keeping its administration, and some exit polls have predicted that it would end up with a little fewer than 100 seats. Meanwhile, the Congress party thinks that a revival in Karnataka would give them an advantage in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections in 2024.

Karnataka Elections 2023 Live

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Election Results Karnataka 2023

  • Consensus forecasts give Congress a slight edge. 
  • Here are some forecasts for the pivotal elections in Karnataka in 2023: 
  • Ten exit polls have predicted 9 seats for the next Congress, falling short of the 113 needed for a majority. This points to a hung legislature in the state.

Today’s Chanakaya predictions

Vote breakdown: BJP 92%, Congress 110%, JD(S) 7%, and Others 3%. 

Axis My India predictions

Congress will win by a landslide of at least 122 seats. It has predicted a dramatic loss of seats for the BJP. Axis was the exit polling leader. Among all of My India’s predictions, the most seats for Congress have been forecasted. 

India TV-CNX predictions

TV CNX of India has also projected a majority for the Congress party. The BJP has 85 seats, the Congress has 115, the JD(S) has 22, and the other parties have 2. 

Times Now-ETG Research predictions

Times Now-ETG Research claims that the BJP has a commanding advantage over its rivals. The Lingayats’ overwhelming preference for the BJP is reflected in the party’s hold on 16 of the district’s 26 seats. 

At least four exit polls agree that JD(S) will take about 25 seats in the House of Representatives. In 2023, it may easily reclaim its position as the market leader. 

According to a survey of surveys, the Congress party is predicted to win 103 seats, while the BJP is expected to secure 94. Each group is only expected to garner a decisive victory. 

ABP-C Voter predictions

Comprising 224 seats, were allocated as follows: BJP 66, Congress 81, JD(S) 27, Others 3. With a projected 90 members, Congress is clearly in the lead. It falls well shy of the majority threshold of 112. According to CVoter’s projections, the BJP would lose ground in the next election compared to 2018. 

Jan Ki Baat predictions

Jan Ki Baat forecasts see Congress as the largest single party, but neither the BJP nor the grand old party will get a majority. 

TV9 Bharatvarsh-Polstrat predictions

Channel 9’s Bharatvarsh-Polstrat forecast Total seats: 224; BJP: 88; Congress: 99; JD(S): 21–26; Others: 0–4

Times Now-ETG projects that the BJP will win 16 seats in coastal Karnataka, while the Congress party will get only 3. It was concluded that JD(S) would win no seats in the area.

Jan Ki Baat predictions

A total of 224 seats were allocated as follows: BJP: 94–117; Congress: 91–106; JD(S): 14–24; Others: 0–2

News Nation-CGS predictions

BJP will won 114 seats, the Congress won 86, the JD(S) won 21, and the other parties won 3. 

Zee News Matrize predictions

The final tally for the 224 seats is as follows: BJP: 79–94; Congress: 103–118; JD(S): 25–33; Others: 2–5 

The BJP, riding the Narendra Modi juggernaut, hopes to become the first party in 38 years to win and keep the southern state. The Congress intends to seize the party’s leadership and the momentum necessary to become the primary opposition factor in the next Lok Sabha elections. 

The JD(S) party, led by former prime minister H D Deve Gowda, hopes to increase its seat total from 37 to 40 to play “kingmaker” in the case of a tie vote. Exit polls taken later in the evening should confirm what former Karnataka chief minister BS Yediyurappa has predicted: that the BJP would win a commanding majority in the state.

Polls suggest a close battle between the BJP and the Congress, with a hung assembly being a distinct possibility.

The polls consistently revealed that the Congress had a narrow lead over the BJP. Since most polls have not indicated any party with a clear majority of more than 113 seats, a hung assembly remains a possibility. This will allow the JD(S) to play a decisive role in the upcoming election, just as it did in 2018. When will we learn from our mistakes? The Election Commission will officially announce the solution on May 13.

Karnataka Election Results 2023: LIVE Exit Polls Who will take over as prime minister next?

Two prominent surveys, Axis My India and Today’s Chanakya, have forecast an absolute majority for the grand old party. However, most exit polls anticipated a hung assembly with an advantage to the Congress. There has been much talk about whether the Congress would choose former CM Siddharamaiah or the current head of the Karnataka Congress unit, DK Shivakumar if they were to win the election.

Current Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai may stay in office if the BJP is re-elected. But the party had yet to put forth a likely CM candidate in the campaign.

JD(S) might be decisive in passing legislation in a deadlocked legislature. After the 2018 election results showed that no party had secured a majority of the popular vote, JD(S) leader HD Kumaraswamy was sworn in as chief minister after his party allied with the opposition Congress.

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