DD Free Dish New Frequency Setting MPEG 2 /MPEG 4 Channel List PDF

If you are looking for the updated new Channel Frequency of DD Free dishes in 2023, you have come to the right website. We have also included Satellite Direction, DD Free Dish Satellite, Satellite Azimuth Elevation with altitude. These frequencies include DD Free Dish MPEG-4 Frequency and DD Free Dish HD Frequency List, which are helpful for setup and auto scan. You can tune any DD Free Dish set-top box using this frequency using satellite frequency.

Here you can find the DD free dish frequency 2021, which helps you set and add a new program. First, you need to point your Ku-band DTH antenna angle to 93.5 east direction, and then you can fill these frequency details in your set-top box for manual and auto scan. But you should check LNB frequency before adding the TP list.

DD Free Dish: what is it?

DD Free Dish is India’s only free direct-to-home service. At the start of the service in December 2004, it had only 33 channels. At this time, the service has 104 SDTV channels and 40 radio channels. It’s on GSAT-15, which is at 93.5°E. A small dish receives system can pick up the DTH signals called a Set-top Box and a dish about 60 to 90cm in diameter.

DD Free Dish channel list 2022:

DD Free Dish channel list

Free Direct-to-Home service: DD Free Dish used to be called DD Direct+, and it’s now called DD Free Dish. Doordarshan runs 21 channels, and there are 46 studios. It has two all-India channels, called DD National and DD News, both broadcast in India. DD India also runs 17 regional satellite channels, 11 state networks, and an international channel called “DD India,” as well as channels in Hindi and Urdu. It also has channels in Bharati, Bharati Urdu, and Kisan.

Doordarshan has a lot of regional channels, but it also has a free satellite TV service called DD Free Dish. It used to be called DD Direct Plus, and it is thought to be used by about 50 million Indian households. In other words, DD Free Dish is used by about 25% of all TV households in the country. If you want to watch TV, it has a network that includes national, regional, and state channels.

How to get DD Free Dish?

DD Free Dish has three things in it:

As the name suggests, this is a small dish antenna with an LNBF indoor set-top-box (STB), also known as an IRD (Integrated Receiver Decoder).

This is how the dish antenna works: Mounted on the ceiling or wall facing south. It receives the signal from a satellite and sends it to the set-top box unit in the room. The set-top box decodes each TV channel from the DTH bouquet and shows them on the TV set.

DD Free Dish Price 2023

Complete DD Free Dish DTH system (Dish Antenna, Set Top Box, and Remote Control Unit) is readily available in the open market at a nominal cost. You do not have to spend anything for a monthly subscription to watch the DD Free Dish channel.

DD Free Dish: MPEG-4 streaming

DD Free Dish has been expanding from time to time. It has grown to its present capacity by introducing MPEG-4 and DVB-S2 streams. It also has plans to add HD channels to the bouquet of DD Free Dish soon. Prasar Bharati also plans to expand the 80 MPEG-2 streams to MPEG-4 in a phased manner.

It is different from other DTH operators because they provide paid service. The DTH operators charge customers because they need to uplink the encrypted TV signals to the satellite, and subscribers receive the signals through a receiving system. Like DD Free Dish, this service requires a one-time investment by customers who want to use it. The set-top box, antenna, and LNB are all part of the dish receive system that customers need to buy.

How to Do DTH Setting: DD Free Dish Frequency Setting 2023

The DTH receiver system is straightforward and does not take much time. To set up the dish, you can mix the signals by pointing towards the satellite or take the services of skilled technical personnel.

  • DD Free dish satellite position – 93°E
  • DD Free dish satellite name – GSAT 15
  • DD Free dish satellite beam – Ku-band Bharatiya Region
  • Distance to satellite – 35786.4km
  • DD Free dish Elevation angle – 90°
  • GSAT 15 Launch Date – November 11, 2015
  • Mission life – 12 Years
  • Azimuth & elevation in Delhi, India – 149.02° & 52.15°
  • Carrying Band – 24 Ku-Band Transponders
  • Carrying Bandwidth – 36 MHz
  • Launched by – ISRO Bharat

You can then tune/configure the set-top-box unit. The dish installation and STB-tuning process are usually done in the manual provided by the respective manufacturer with their receive system. As a broad guideline, some of the parameters that may need to be fed to the STB are given below.

DD Free Dish satellite all the TP list / Complete Frequency List 2023

TP ListPolSymbol RateScanningChannels List
11090 MHzV29500Manual TuneMPEG-2
11170 MHzV29500Manual TuneMPEG-2
11470 MHzV29500Manual TuneMPEG-2
11510 MHzV29500Manual TuneMPEG-2
11550 MHzV29500Manual TuneMPEG-2
11550 MHzH29500Manual TuneVande Gujarat
11590 MHzV29500Manual TuneSwayam Prabha
11630 MHzV30000Manual TuneMPEG-4 / HD
11670 MHzV29500Manual Tunee-Vidya

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How to tune your old free-to-air set-top box

DD Free Dish directs streams and their respective frequencies via symbol rate and polarization. Here is how to do it.

Satellite Name

  • Go to the Installation menu or visit the setup menu using the remote control of your DD Free Dish set-top box.
  • Select the Satellite Edit menu.
  • Select Add New Satellite menu.
  • Select Sat Name Edit menu.
  • Enter Satellite Name as GSAT-15.
  • Enter Satellite Longitude as 93.5°E
  • Press Exit.

LNB Configuration

  • Go to LNB configuration and ensure that the satellite is selected as GSAT-15.
  • Set LNB Types as Universal.
  • Set LNB Power On.
  • Press Exit.

Transport streams of Transponder (TP) Edit

  • Go to Transponder (TP) Edit menu and ensure that the satellite selected is GSAT-15.
  • Select Add New TP menu.
  • Select TP frequency as 11,090MHz.
  • Select Symbol rate as 29,500Ksps.
  • Select Polarization as Vertical.
  • Set 22K as OFF
  • Set Disc. Equal to OFF
  • Select Scan as FTA.
  • Press OK

Once you have entered these values in your old set-top box, go to Search and press Ok. This will add the new 16 TV and 6 Radio services, and you can add the other four Transport streams by entering respective frequencies, symbol rate, and polarization.

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